Does anybody know this girl?

Farben machen Laune - Freundin 90er Jahre

Bedroom with flower prints and nice light

Cosy kitchen with very nice tiles

Hanging up art

Badezimmer mit fantasievollem Augenfresko

When I read this article about the flat of Juliane Klawitter in the 90s, I had no doubt that this girl really lived and worked in Hamburg as a graphic designer. 20 years after my reluctant found and the internet-and social media era, I suddenly feel quite disappointed at google offering no hits to this name. Not even once in more than two decades have I ever had the idea of this being a pseudonym! Nevertheless this article has accompanied me subconsciously over such a long period and represents a part of my vison of life: a creatively designed place to live and work.

Looking at these colorful pictures again after I realize that they mean more to me than only a source of inspiration. The article with the headline „Farben machen Laune“ was published in a German magazine called „Freundin“ – still existing btw – and I ripped it out and put it into a folder with other examples of adorable places. A few weeks ago I had the idea to use them as a starting point for my introduction-tour of blogs / sources of inspiration I really appreciate. I didn’t have to read the text again to remenber that this asymmetrical constructed chair in front of the red wall came from a cloister or to bring back to my mind how I searched for a pair of old fashioned wall lamps like the ones in the bathroom – without any success btw.. I wouldn’t choose such strong colors for wallpainting like the red in the studio or the kitchen green. But isn’t that modern wall fresco in the bathroom amazing? I still like the use of contrasts, the combination of modern and vintage furniture, the collection of colored porcelain in the kitchen-cabinet and the printed and cut-out sunflower decoration for the bedroom wall. And I still wonder, who lived in this nice flat …

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